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Where can i Rent a car in Benidorm? What are the companies available in Benidorm. Do i rent in Elche Airport or in Benidorm Town?

Car Rental

Car Rental Benidorm

Spain is a tourist destination par excellence. Who has not wanted to spend their holidays ever on the beaches of Alicante , Benidorm, Finestrat, Albir or Valencia ?

The price of cars tends to rise as the key holiday dates approach: Easter and summer. We all move, tourists come, demand rises, there are fewer cars available, the ones that are left are the most expensive, and prices go up in the air.

The trick is this: book the sooner the better to ensure the availability of the car, and also to save a lot of money….

 We have already told you to book in advance, but what if you are not clear how or when it will be your trip ?. Most operators allow you to make a reservation at a small cost, and cancellations are usually free.The trick is this: if you do not know exactly the exact dates, model, or destination, make several reservations at the same time, and cancel the ones you do not need.

Change the date of your reservation, instead of canceling, if at the last moment you have decided not to rent the car. Why? Because changing the dates of the reservation is free. However, canceling a prepaid reservation at short notice can charge you up to 100% of the rental price.

The trick is this: if you cancel with less than 24 h, modify the reservation at a later date. And then cancel the reservation. To get you right you have to read how far in advance your operator allows you to cancel a reservation for free.

Most operators require payment of the rent with a credit card, although many also accept a debit card. If you do not have a credit card, you may not be able to pick up your car depending on the rental company you have chosen.

The trick is this: include one of your friends with a credit card, or your partner, as an additional driver or main driver. As long as you sign the lease with you, the operator will not object.


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