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Benidorm Palace presents “Rubí” , the new show which it celebrates BENIDORM PALACE´s fortieth Anniversary. Benidorm Palace’s RUBI is the new show to celebrate its first 4 decades of life. It is a show packed with visual and the last musical technology strength that captivates from the first minute, besides making the spectators involve themselves in a great Spanish Fiesta. Its such an amazing and unique show, where you can see live the art and passion of Spanish dance, as well as the emotion of the numbers of the renowned acrobats and tightrope walkers which make the audience vibrate with a high-risk number in which power and balance they come along with a very careful scenography. There is room for live music, humor and magic. And there is no better way to celebrate ruby weddings than with the creation of a fascinating show that honors this special anniversary. 

David Climent issues in an exilerating quantity of magic to make way for the grand finale of the show. The celebration concludes with the glamor of the renowned dancers of Benidorm Palace and Miss Rubi, the emblematic main piece of this show. This nighttime is correctly associated with the delightful dinner that accompanies the show.

All of this offers an unique possibility to the spectator. A night time packed with surprises, elegance, imagination and art.

Benidorm’s Palace key to success

After the first years of success in its first decade, the Benidorm Palace consolidated itself as a prestigious nightclub with an incomparable and unique offer on the peninsular coast. The programming was varied and had the participation of great stars of the song or international vocal ensembles and recognized orchestras, ballets and vedettes from countries with a long tradition in this type of shows. It competed with dozens of nightclubs that were distributed in the geography of the province, as well as in many other points of Spain. Over the years, they all fell by the wayside, while the Benidorm Palace continued consolidating itself little by little as a place of reference and, at present, the only one of this kind that survives in Spain.

With the orchestra musician Vicente Climent as director, the key to Benidorm Palace’s success lies in the fact that “it has managed to adapt to new circumstances”, as Climent affirms. “We have always been at the bottom of the canyon and offering our audience what they demand in each season,” says the director. It should be noted that one of the factors that has evolved the most and has adapted to the present are the special effects of lights, sounds and visuals, as well as more elaborate, eye-catching and attractive sets and, of course, know how to maintain both the classic Spanish among its repertoire, like international artists.

This magical evening is perfectly paired with the delicious dinner that accompanies the show. It is a very complete menu, prepared in its own kitchens with products of the highest quality. When booking dinner those who do not consume meat can change the main course for fish or ask for a vegetarian menu. In addition, celiacs can order their gluten-free menu.
Live a night full of surprises, elegance, fantasy and art with the “Rubí” show at the Benidorm Palace and liven up the evening with a special dinner at a reasonable price.


Do you need tickets to Benidorm Palace

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