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Thinking about a vacation in Benidorm sometimes feels boring. The first thing that comes to mind is crowded beaches of tourists, nightlife, a skyline of cement blocks at the foot of the beach and people everywhere … lots of people.

Stay away from this mainstream topics and do not get the first impression, luckily there is other Benidorm, a more authentic and unknown, a Benidorm that bets on plans in family and that hides many other attractions. To discover the friendliest face of this city, we propose five plans that will surprise you:


Nestled between mountains, far from crowded beaches and hotels full of foreign tourists, we discovered the Calas of Tio Ximo and Almadrava. Take your fins and snorkel goggles and do some snorkeling with your family in these two natural and beautiful corners.

It is a real pleasure. Its calm and turquoise waters along with its rocky bottoms and full of life make this place a paradise to immerse yourself with light equipment or to give yourself a pleasant bath. Enjoying these waters with your children in areas so far away from the hustle and bustle will make you feel privileged.

snorkel benidorm


You can not leave the city without visiting the historic center, authentic Benidorm, which still retains the essence of its origins as a fishing village. The area of ​​the historical center divides the two main beaches with a cliff of stones. This is the Benidorm of cobbled and narrow streets, old buildings and slopes. The real one, the one that existed before the uncontrolled massification of tourism. A beautiful climb is the one that runs along Calle Alameda.

The day ends at the “Mirador de La Punta Canfali”, also called the Balcony of the Mediterranean. Its reputation as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Spain is well deserved. The photos do not do it justice. Its white and blue decor matching the sea is the perfect setting for sunset viewing. Sit there and let the sun go. This is the plan. That the children play in the square, that the sun goes orange and that you dismiss the day from this point as nice as few. The views of the bay are spectacular.



The night has a great power of attraction on children. Everything that happens under the moon seems more exciting and fun. Therefore, the plan to do a night safari in Terra Natura and discover the lives of animals when the sun goes down, is irresistible.
The tour is done on foot and visit from one point to another all the locations of different animals with the only light of a flashlight. The guide accompanying the group carries a bucket with food and the children can, with their own hands and in the shadows, throw food at them.

Everything should be done in absolute silence so as not to scare the animals, although with small children is not always achieved. The time to discover the animal, to illuminate it with the lantern, to throw the food to the elephants, or to put the hand to the dromedaries to be picked up from the palm is incredible for the little ones. Maximum emotion. Mystery. Intrigue. A different plan that should not be missed.



If you are looking for a beach where you do not have to compete for a piece of sand, head for Poniente beach, near the old part of town. Palm trees, fine golden sand and a clean sea await you. There are people, of course. But nothing to do with the crowded beach image where you can not even walk along the shore, there is not so much bustle and you can enjoy more of the space.

While the Levante Beach concentrates the hotel offer and the atmosphere, in the Poniente you will enjoy beautiful sunsets. You choose.



One of the star plans for those traveling with children to this city is undoubtedly the one made by the sea. The shipping company Excursiones Marítimas Benidorm takes you daily to the Island of Benidorm.

You can take the boat in the port, one leaves every hour and with the ticket you can return whenever you want. It is best to reserve a minimum of three hours to make the complete plan. The boat takes about 20 minutes to reach the destination, enough time to enjoy the scenery and the sea breeze, but not tiring. And fate is really special. A piece of land in the middle of the sea, the famous island of the city, where you can make a walking tour with children on the marked dirt paths. If you go up you will reach the highest point of the island, 73 meters above sea level. Do not forget to wear a comfortable shoe.

On the island, the colonies of seagulls attract attention. They fly over your head passing a few centimeters and there are dozens of them, a spectacle. If you go in breeding season, be careful because if they feel threatened they may try to give you some other peck. After the walk, take a breath at the bar overlooking the sea on the island

isla benidorm
The last surprise of the trip: the boat with underwater vision. Imagine sailing under the water next to your children and see the seabed with the fish swimming next to you. It is a surprising and exciting vision. Children stare at the glass in astonishment. And adults too. Being able to contemplate up close the life of the sea bottom from this boat is an experience worth living in family.

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