Stag & Hen Parties: Benidorm!

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Is Benidorm the right place for a Stag or Hen Party? Discover some stag & hen ideas to enjoy Benidorm!


Probably among the Benidorm stag do ideas we are going to offer you is this — should you would like to know where the action is, remain in Levante. It is where they film the hit TV series, and this is when folks think of Benidorm.

Benidorm has become ever more popular for stag weekends, even since it’s only 2 hours away by plane in the U.K. and it’s comparatively inexpensive. Benidorm has discotheques, clubs, restaurants and bars which offer reveals and live entertainment which makes it a firm favourite with revellers. Beverages in Benidorm’s price is very low with lots of bars and pubs which offer pints of lager. Since there are numerous strip clubs and displays for guys additionally Benidorm makes a stag destination. Black-Chicken-Benidorm The Black Chicken is a place for stag celebrations. There are many ladies since Benidorm naturally attracts large groups of girls for hen parties and hen weekends walking about in classes. Accommodations for weekends are at three star hotels or flats that are included in return moves in addition to the costs . Naturally you could also tailor make your own packages. Consider putting together flights and airport transfers in addition to your own package which would involve a bit of work to Benidorm. This naturally helps to keep the prices down but you wo not wish to get stuck the weekend so you will have to be on pub crawl and a pub crawl in Benidorm. You might believe it’s a great idea to rent a villa in Benidorm but many villas at Benidorm are about the outskirts or in surrounding towns and you’ll discover hardly any villa owners ready to allow their villa to a complete set of only males, if their villa becomes trashed.

If you’re currently thinking about a stag weekend that is comprehensive in an stag that is comprehensive or Benidorm do in Benidorm, you might find our site on Benidorm hotels. Do be sure that you read our Benidorm nightlife page that offers you a listing of pubs for Benidorm hen and stag parties. Be sure to see the club named Cafe Benidorm referred to as Cafe B since it is where men and women visit pull and fulfill the opposite gender. A need to do for a weekend and stag do in Benidorm would be to observe the Sticky Vicky series that’s an adult show with a difference! Stringfellas-lap-dancing A Saturday night on the town bar hopping, plus this bundle contains karting and absolutely free games, shots in addition to like endurance and no, the yes and clothing . Night containing a great deal of alcohol on a Friday night and stag dinner with a stripper over the Saturday this bundle prices fifty nine pounds and one hundred excluding flights. Paintball and Casino Nights have been composed of hunting every other in the forest down and enjoying a buffet meal in the casino. Costs for this weekend begin at just one hundred and fifty-nine lbs excluding flights All Inclusive Hotel and Bar Crawl that is supreme includes food and drinks and sixty pounds excluding flights. The pub crawling where you may go to with the five bars at Benidorm and enjoy shots.

Cafe Benidorm

One of the best shows and nightclub of Benidorm. They invite you to come and enjoy a magical night with them. Usually open from 8PM to late,  you can contact them by email or Phone 965 85 26 00. They are located at 18 Calle de Lepanto in Benidorm.

Last Stop Sports Pub

A very good place to start drinking located at 42 Carrer Girona, right next to the English Square. This is the beating heart of the Benidorm nightlife scene for 18-30s, and also where you’re going to run into plenty of Benidorm Hen Parties. This strip stretches for four blocks along a palm tree-lined promenade, where there are tons of bars, nightclubs and takeaways on both sides.

last stop


Red Dog Western Saloon

Lots of very sexy shows during the summer nights, very good music and cheap drinks make this a perfect place for stag parties.One of the best disco pubs with the best d.j. Yonathan,playing music you want to hear till late.Also the only one,world famous Sticky magic show; male strippers; female strippers; exclusive lesbian show, and only at Red dog live sex show – with the best workers party night in town.


Calle lepanto numero 14

The best clubs for Stags are headed towards the end of the Avenida Mediterraneo one block back from the beachfront, but if you want more serious clubbing, head for the ones along Avenida Communitat Valenciana. Most places are generally open until around 7am, if you can make it that far. There is plenty to choose from,

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